Gilles Street Market

Weekend of 20th May 2012.


The last time I visited the market was almost a year and a half ago. Happy to see it has expanded and doubled in size since then. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything to my liking because either the price or the size was wrong (unlike my spree at the Salvos Winter Warehouse Sale, but that’s another story). However, good company is good fun and I had awesome friends who willingly (*cough Kevin) woke up early to accompany me – Celeste.

Lots to see, lots to buy. Not all are bargains, but definitely worth a try.

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Woodstock Coterie Restaurant

Brought some parents to sight see McLaren Vale while they were here during the graduation period.

Didn’t manage to take many pictures as the day suddenly turn ultra-windy and cold halfway there. And as the previous days were rather warm, most of us were unfortunately underdressed. So shivery-hands = bad shaky pictures.

As we had a rather large party of 10, we had some trouble booking a place for lunch. Our first choices – Penny Hill’s Kitchen Door and D’Arrys Verandah were both unavailable due to weddings being booked on the day. And so we ended up at Woodstock’s Coterie Restaurant.

To be honest, food was s0-s0. I had high hopes that the food would be good, but it turned out only so-so. Slightly disappointed.

Char-grilled Aged Black Angus Prime Scotch Fillet


Wood Oven Special – Roasted Lamb


Market Seafood of the Day – Snapper with Peas?

The Angus Scotch Fillet was good although I personally felt the sauce drowned out some of the original beef flavour. Same with the Snapper. My least favourite was the roast lamb as I found it rather tough and rubbery :/

Don’t think I’d be returning there for food in the near future. Lovely place, but I’d expect better for the price.


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