Gilles Street Market

Weekend of 20th May 2012.


The last time I visited the market was almost a year and a half ago. Happy to see it has expanded and doubled in size since then. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything to my liking because either the price or the size was wrong (unlike my spree at the Salvos Winter Warehouse Sale, but that’s another story). However, good company is good fun and I had awesome friends who willingly (*cough Kevin) woke up early to accompany me – Celeste.

Lots to see, lots to buy. Not all are bargains, but definitely worth a try.


Worth checking out:

Hot juicy chips from Just Chips. Just because they have an interesting variety of flavoured salt/flavourings to try.

Also, apparently the Peanut Butter milkshake from The Van That Could was really really good. ‘Apparently’ because I’m slightly lactose intolerant and milkshakes aren’t really my thing, so I didn’t try. But it was good enough to rate a second serving for Celeste, therefore that has to mean SOMETHING..

10am – 4pm
Gilles Street Primary School
Gilles Street, Adelaide 5000

For dates of coming markets, check the website:

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