Breakfast @ The Pantry on Egmont

Hidden right in the middle of houses and the tram in Hindmarsh, the shop front looked fairly unassuming… right up till you step in and BAM! the comforting vibe of a happy bustling place of cheerful activity hits you. Before we go on, let me say this: I like this place.

Lovely morning, slightly drizzling, the sort of weather that makes you want to cuddle in bed with a nice hot steaming cup of tea/coffee/chocolate/milk.

But everyday is a good day for breakfast. Always.

Again, with fellow food enthusiast Celeste, no mary-janes, but how about a gorgeous red bag instead?


The day’s special.

I was tempted to order and try the Herb Crusted Veal, but decided that it may be a little too heavy for breakfast..what do you think? Is there even such a thing as ‘too heavy’ for breakfast, seeing that it’s the first meal of the day?


……and isn’t the counter just absolutely vintage retro-esque gorgeous?
I especially loved that touch of fresh flowers.


My flat white. Which was okay..


Daily Specials menu: Poached eggs in braised lentil & chorizo ragu w/ natural yoghurt and sourdough toast.

Eggs were cooked perfectly (!) which is a major plus point. The ragu was well balanced and savoury, and to me taste a little bit like the currypuff filling I get back home in Malaysia. Excellent explosion of flavour from the very first bite and definitely comfort food material to me!


From the Lunch menu: Smoked Huon salmon on rye.

Despite coming from the lunch menu, it was light and very refreshing. The sweetness from the roasted beetroot is balanced by the slight sourness of the pickled red onions. The lightness and ‘fluffiness’ factor was amped up by the horse radish cream which does not overwhelm, but still maintains a sense of freshness after each bite.


Breakfast menu: Russel’s Big Breakfast – eggs, bacon, csabai sausage, open field mushroom and slow roasted tomatoes on sourdough toast.

Naturally we can’t go about a breakfast place without ordering a typically essential big breakfast. Which in this case, tastes as good as it looks. Not much to explain but again, eggs were perfectly cooked.


Condiments :)


Finishing it off with another picture of the counter space. Can’t see it here, but this place has Character (yes, just like that with a capital C). Mismatched chairs, vinyl tables, unique paintings on the wall and a couple of antiques here and there. A good place to linger by the window seat – if only this place wasn’t so busy and you feel guilty staying when you see a line of people outside!

That said, if you do have to wait for a table, wait. It’s worth it :)


The Pantry on Egmont

(08) 8271 4409

2 Egmont Terrace

Hawthorn SA 5062


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  1. I’m in Adelaide too. Love all your pics <3 What camera you use (is it the Olympus shown in one of the pic?) May I know do you make the great vintage effects? Is really niceeeeee….

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