Winter conflict

Warning: Personal entry with no particular content. Don’t waste your time on this.

Winter months

 Pictures from my Instagram.  Summary.

Another winter has come and gone. Just a snap, and time flew past as I stood there, watching.

In that few months I see those around me gradually finding their way.
One found love.
One made a home.
One travelled.
One blessed with a son.
One lost.
One troubled.

I watched, I felt, I saw.  Always, with conflicting emotions.
Happiness. Envy. Regrets. Confusion. Musings. What ifs. Why nots.
Tears and fears. Battle of will.

Stand still. Hide, smile, strong. Routine.

I’m afraid.


There have been so many difficult decisions I had to make recently. Things I couldn’t stop thinking about. Perhaps some of you may scoff at a young girl’s doubtful priorities, and I do admit, I have often been accused of overthinking things. Than again, I suppose that’s the privilage of one so ‘lucky’ as me.

Sarcasm really doesn’t go across as well in text, does it? :/

Ps. Cryptic? Not really. Those who matter, knows. If not? Ask.

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