Autumn Red and Browns

Its been really finger-numbingly cold these past few days here in Adelaide. And rather warm just a week ago. Has Adelaide’s weather skipped right past autumn straight into winter already? Darn, and I was looking forward to dressing up for some cool-but-not-cold weather too :(


Yesterday’s outfit: Autumn colours, for winter weather.

Painted my nails a bright cheery yellow to combat the chilly and damp air. Uneven polka-dots because I’ve got no skill and also because I was impatient. Wrinkly knot top because I bundled it up in a net bag and threw it into the washing machine.

Boyfriend’s watch from Guess
Knit top from CottonOn
Whistle and locket chain necklace & bracelet from Diva
Print skirt from EBay
Bag from Sportsgirl
Hooded coat from Clothesbucket


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