Hi, I’m Tinsel the Cat!

Hi, I’m Tinsel the cat – which by the way, is a superior species if you were to ask me. I have soft white fur, a pink nose and an attitude suited to royalty. I was adopted as a kitten by one named C and was eventually brought home to meet my most loyal human, K. Life was good.   There was always food, water and even the occasional fight with the housemate – a most annoying inconvenience if you ask me –  Satin, if I ever did get bored.

There is some slight competition with the human, C. How dare she compete with me for nuzzles? Does she not know her place?! Pfft.

Fortunately, I was blessed with these huge sad eyes that seem to melt people’s heart. And I learned how to use it. Hah! All it took was a look and these poor humans have got nothing on me.

Tinsel the cat

Yeap, that’s me up there being cute. Sheesh, these paparazzi’s never stop *flicks tail.

Unfortunately, being adorably cute has it’s drawbacks. Due to my sweet generous nature, I’m constantly besieged by adoring worshippers. It does get rather annoying sometimes, but I suppose I have to cater to my loyal fans. And thus, occasionally when I’m in a good mood, I’ll deign to allow some that I favour a chance to hug, pet and cuddle me.

…..what do you mean I don’t have a choice in the matter?!

Tinsel the cat

Yeap, there, right there.. that’s the spot….. #purr

Recently, a new human, S, kept visiting. I was initially wary, but she seemed non-threatening and things remained reasonably peaceful for a while… till my humans handed me to her. Those traitors!!

Thankfully, she was not as persistent as some of the tinier human’s I’ve met. Unfortunately, this particular human would still pounce when I’m unaware and bury her face in my fur.  However, I do have my methods for revenge – no, tempted as I may be, I’m not that vicious to claw her face off. Instead, this particular human has a fondness for black or dark clothings and hah! – my palace is full of booby traps for such unsuspecting souls. Touch me and face the consequences to your wardrobe meowr!

Tinsel the cat with Sherry the human

I am #notamused.

Oh well, I suppose I could allow this poor unfortunate soul the occasional pictures. Human, take it as a reward for constantly distracting C with your antics. I usually try to humour her by staying still for a while. After all, she’s going to eventually need those paws of hers for something else right?

Lately she’s been requesting to be adopted into this family. Pfft, fridge raiding? What kind of strategy is that? She’ll keep trying, but she should know her place – she’ll NEVER be as adorable as me.

Know your place, human.


ps. this human should really be posting stuff she’s had sitting in ‘draft’ since forever. Stop procrastinating human!

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